Ideal Hose Clamps

Not all Hose Clamps are the same
KSI is Ideal Hose Clamps largest distributor and maintains all Ideal Hose Clamps in Stock and at the lowest prices worldwide. Ideal Hose Clamps are the highest quality clamps available anywhere! From off-the-shelf / small diameter, light duty applications to large heavy-duty customs – we have you covered. Ideal Hose Clamps are the “gold standard” for hose clamps and come in various sizes, dimensions, and construction materials. KSI Group has been a leading distributor of Ideal hose clamps for over twenty years now and they still remain the best on the market. The Mini Clamps are great for securing fuel and other small hoses (with an outer diameter of less than 17mm). The Rubber Sleeve Clamps work well at securing air lines along with other piping & hose to walls in the shop. The Ideal Stainless Steel Clamps offers a wide smooth band and the strongest stainless steel construction. Ideal’s Hose Clamps are the best coolant hose clamps you’ll find manufactured in the world today. Give us a call at 1-800-626-4132 and let us show you why Ideal Hose Clamps should be the only choice for you.

A primary factor that seperates Ideal Hose Clamps from the competition is that Ideal Hose Clamps are an engineered clamp that provides a maximum uniform clamping force with minimal installation torque. Ideal hose clamps are made to outperform the competition when measured with a simple two segment load cell tester. KSI group has worked with Ideal to ensure that the relation between the input reading on the torque wrench and the digital output display with the load cell tester exceeds the competition. Clamping force comparisons show that Ideal hose clamps prevent leakage and blow-off that rest of the competition cannot handle. We’ve got the data to prove it. Give us a call now at 1-800-626-4132 and let us show you why the only hose clamp for the job is Ideal Hose Clamps.

Some of the advantages of Ideal Hose Clamps include:

  • Made out of consistent, superior quality certified material.
  • Custom clamps can easily be developed for unique applications.
  • Wider range of clamp styles to meet your needs.
  • Variety of stainless steel alloys to meet your specific requirements.
  • Most clamps are in stock and readily available when you need them.

Check out our Product Blog for some valuable information on “Why” Ideal Hose Clamps stand above the competition.

Ideal Worm Gear - Hy-Gear 9/16 Inch Hose Clamp
Ideal Hose Clamps are the highest quality, strongest, and most durable Hose Clamps made anywhere in the world. Our Worm Gear clamps are great for sealing and connecting, and are available in multiple sizes and configurations.

Ideal Worm Gear - Hy-Gear 1/2 Inch Hose Clamps
Ideal's 1/2" hose clamps are suitable for most common home and automotive applications.

Ideal Worm Gear - Micro Gear Hose Clamps
Small Diameter clamps are tough and precision engineered for use in small hose applications. Their slim 5/16" band and low profile make them easy to install in confined areas.

Ideal Worm Gear - Lined Hose Clamps
Lined clamps are specifcally designed for use with silicone, rubber and other soft hose applications. The liner protects the hose surface and prevents extruding or shearing as the band is tightened.

Ideal Spring Clamps - Flex Gear
Flex-Gear clamps use a Belleville spring design to eliminate “cold flow” leakage that adjusts with the hose and fitting to maintain constant tension on the connection, eliminating leak paths. An excellent choice for fluctuating temperature applications and thermal compensation.

Ideal Spring Clamps - Smart Seal
SmartSeal™ hybrid smart clamps secure hose connections and prevent unwanted flow of fluid and air. Through patented hybrid technology, these next generation clamps seal in a steady 360 degree pattern in response to pressure and temperature changes.

Ideal Spring Clamps - WaveSeal 360
WaveSeal360 clamps are comprised of two main parts, the clamp assembly and the wave profile SmartLiner. The wave profile SmartLiner is high quality, thin gauge stainless steel specifically tempered to expand and contract with temperature variations. The clamp rides on SmartLiner so pressure is more evenly distributed around the hose.

Ideal Heavy Duty - T-Bolts
Heavy duty T-bolt clamps provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal. Specifically designed for use in high vibration and large diameter applications. Features a 3/4″ or 7/8″ wide stainless steel band, depending upon size ordered, and welded construction for reliability.

Ideal Heavy Duty - V-Bands
Provide a secure, reliable connection for virtually any flanged joint. Typical applications include filter housings, turbocharger systems, exhaust systems and industrial applications. V-Bands seal connections for flanged joints. V-inserts can be manufactured to OE specifications and are made to order. Additional alloys are available for severe environments.

Ideal Specialty Clamps - Turn-Key
These Clamps are an innovative design which are easy to install and remove, no tools required. Available in a variety of sizes for multi-purpose use.

Ideal Specialty Clamps - Snaplock - Quick Release
Quick release style worm drive clamps are indispensable for installation in closed systems where the clamp must be disengaged to be applied. They have a swivel action locking screw to band.

Ideal Specialty Clamps - Surelock - Quick Engage
These clamps have a bind free and pull-through design makes installation quick and easy. Captured screw design. Extended housing embraces 25% more screw threads than competitive designs.

Ideal Specialty Clamps - Lox-On
Made for extra tough installations. Double locking security unique design. And high band tension for high sealing pressures. All 300 grade stainless steel. IAPMO listed.

Ideal Specialty Clamps - Military Worm Drive
These clamps are manufactured to Military Specifications MS35842 and AA-52506B.

Ideal Specialty Clamps - Combo-Hex
The professional mechanic’s number one choice. Features safety collared screw. Particularly helpful in hard-to-reach areas, they feature an exclusive, safety-collared, deep-slotted screw design that prevents screwdrivers from slipping and puncturing the hose wall.

Ideal Specialty Clamps - Wraplock
Conforms to any shape. Made in one piece. Covers 1" to 14 1/2". For retaining, bundling and similar applications. These clamps are made of galvanized steel and plated carbon steel components.

Ideal Heavy Duty Long Band Hose Clamps
Ideal Heavy Duty Long band Large Band Stainless Steel Hose Clamps available. Used in countless applications including expansion joints, large air duct/handling, retrofit, maintenance, HVAC, industrial, marine, dust collection and many other applications