Heavy Duty Ideal Hose Clamps

KSI Group carries the strongest Heavy Duty Hose Clamps for the most demanding jobs from the industry leader Ideal Hose Clamps. Below are some of the Heavy Duty Hose Clamps that can serve a variety of purposes.

  • Heavy Duty T-Bolts – T-Bolt clamps provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal. Designed for use in high vibration and large diameter applications common in heavy trucks, industrial machinery, off-road equipment, agricultural irrigation and machinery. Features a 3/4″ or 7/8″ wide stainless steel band, depending upon size ordered, and welded construction for reliability. Custom OEM designs can be developed for volume applications.
  • Heavy Duty V-Bands – V-Bands seal connections for flanged joints. Typical applications include filter housings, turbocharger systems, exhaust systems, emissions and industrial applications where a flanged connection is required. V-inserts can be manufactured to OE specifications and are made to order. Additional alloys are available for severe environments.
  • Heavy Duty Pow’r Gear – Pow’r-Gear clamps are 100 % stainless steel high performance designed for high vibration and stubborn leakage applications such as industrial machinery, heavy truck, farm and off-road equipment engines. Pow’r-Gear’s feature an extra wide 5/8″ heavy gauge band and a wide profile housing that provides maximum engagement of screw threads to band. Engineered to deliver exceptionally high rates of band tension to handle the toughest sealing jobs, Pow’r-Gear clamps are the strongest worm drive clamps made. They are also available with an inner liner to protect soft silicone hoses.

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